Bison Battalion - Strength and Honor! Preparing
See how our Cadets
prepare for their annual
Field Training Exercise (FTX)Read More!
Bison Battalion - Strength and Honor! Achieving
Watch the Bison Battallion
compete in the annual
Ranger Challenge CompetitionRead More!
Bison Battalion - Strength and Honor! Learning
Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM)
is an important fundamental.
Learn how the Bison Battallion qualify with
their rifles!Read More!
Bison Battalion - Strength and Honor! Becoming
Cadets begin Night Land Navigation
by plotting points on their maps using only a
red-lens flashlight.Read More!
Bison Battalion - Strength and Honor! Being Leaders
Cadets Receive a brief on their Day
Land Navigation Course before starting the course.
Read More!

What We Do:

With this website, you will be able to view pictures, watch video, and take advantage of the numerous training aids and instructional material to better prepare you as a future leader in the United States Army.

For prospective Cadets, this website will give you a clear view of what Tri-College Army ROTC is all about. Check out the About Us page or the Prospective Cadets tab at the top and learn more about why the Tri-College Army ROTC is "The Ultimate Tri-College Experience."
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Who We Are:

When you’re a cadet in The Bison Battalion you're more than just another face, you’re a part of a team, and an integral part to the success of the Battalion. From MS I’s all the way to MS IV’s, everyone has a role to play. Not only will you take part in your regular class schedule, you will separate yourself from your college peers by attending our bi-annual FTX’s (Field Training Exercises), participating in PT (Physical Training), and taking part in Military Science classes. Click below to read a little on our history, or go to our Prospective Cadets page to learn more about your future experience as a Bison Battalion Cadet. Read About our Rich History

THE Ultimate Tri-College Experience